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Who we are

CopyRockers is a team of writers, each with a PhD and research and publication experience in their editing speciality.

What we do

CopyRockers provides professional academic editing services for dissertations, journal articles, research proposals, and conference presentations. We make sure that your text accurately reflects your ideas and is error-free and presented in a logical flow. Whether you are a seasoned writer or have difficulty with English composition, your work can be improved by the critical eye of an experienced editor. All documents are kept secure and confidential.

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Editing Services

CopyRockers offers fair-priced editing for busy professors, researchers, and students. We speed up your preparation time and reduce revisions by editing and proofing your text, and formatting citations. We handle both quantitative and qualitative research designs.
Choose the level of editing that meets your needs.

Academic Proofreading and Editing

We offer two levels of editing services: proofreading and editing. Academic proofreading is a good choice if you are basically happy with your work and just want to make sure the document has no typos, or spelling and grammatical errors. Your citations will be checked and formatted according to the style guide you specify. You will receive tracked changes so you can review all revisions that have been made. We will include a note on the changes made and any suggestions for improvements.

Academic editing is suitable for documents that are at the beginning stage. In addition to being proofread, your document will be reviewed for structure, tone, strength of argument, and flow of ideas. You will receive tracked changes so you can review all revisions that have been made. We will include a note on the changes made and any suggestions for improvements.

CopyRockers Professional Editing Services

A Note on Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a core value at CopyRockers. We believe that academic honesty is essential to the advancement of knowledge in all fields. Therefore, when our clients submit manuscripts to us, we assume they have fairly cited all the ideas they have used in the process of developing their work.

What does that mean to CopyRockers? When you submit your work to CopyRockers, we can clarify and strengthen your ideas through reorganizing, editing, and showing you how to look at your results creatively, but the ideas are your own. CopyRockers is not responsible for any penalties that are incurred when our client has committed plagiarism.

Our Editors

CopyRockers Professional Editing Services

Robin Heath, PhD

Dr. Heath received her PhD in medical anthropology from the University of Kentucky.

Social Sciences
Theory, qualitative and quantitative research designs and methods, analytic techniques, statistical methods for anthropology, sociology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, experimental psychology, social psychology, neuropsychology, and biopsychology.

Health Sciences
Theory, qualitative and qualitative research designs and methods, analytic techniques, and statistical methods for health education and communication, global health, health economics, epidemiology, and medical sciences.

CopyRockers Professional Editing Services

Gary Cunningham, PhD

Dr. Cunningham received his PhD from the University of Texas, Austin

Business Administration
Editing of business administration papers and theses. Expertise and experience in editing and writing papers and theses in business areas with major emphasis on accounting. Considerable experience in writing published articles in North American and British English. Knowledge includes phraseology, paragraph structure, research design, analytic techniques, and overall structure.

CopyRockers Professional Editing Services

Donna Lee Iffla, PhD

Creative Writing, Literature
Dr. Donna-lee Iffla received her PhD in English Literature and Language from the University of Toronto. She has worked as an editor, script writer and literature animateur in England, a speech and performance writer in Canada, and as a book editor in the People’s Republic of China. She is a published poet and author and has written numerous articles, essays and presentations.


CopyRockers Professional Editing Services

Pamela Rao, PhD

Dr. Rao received her PhD in applied anthropology from the University of Kentucky.

Applied anthropologist with training in global health and medical behavioral science, and more than 15 years’ experience in community-based participatory research, program evaluation, behavior change communication, technical assistance, health care delivery, and program management. Experienced in mixed methods research designs incorporating individual and household surveys, systematic data collection techniques, and ethnographic methods, and data analysis with SPSS and ATLAS.ti. Research topics include child survival, women’s education, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, health disparities and care access, special populations, and environmental health. Experienced in business development, including managing Federal contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements. Highly computer literate and knowledgeable about relevant federal regulations, including Section 508 and OMB compliance requirements and human subjects protection.

Specialties: Ethnographic research, survey research, qualitative and quantitative methods, program management, community-based participatory research, behavior change communication, monitoring and evaluation, global health

Pricing and Payment

For a free price and time estimates, or to discuss your needs with an editor please contact us.

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What people say about us

Thanks to Robin and CopyRockers! You all have provided a great service at a VERY reasonable price. We would not have been able to submit our paper for the proceedings of the Agriculture and Rural Mechanization Workshop in Dhaka (28 March, 2013) without your help.”

Scott Justice, International Center for Wheat and Maize Improvement (CIMMYT) and Stephen Biggs, University of East Anglia.

CopyRockers Professional Editing edited my doctoral thesis. Their service was fast and comprehensive, and the price was right. It was an honor to work with them.”

– Dr. Ghada Assaad